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February 17 Update: 


Anastacia is available in March for Double Divine Healings in spirit and soul. For the next two weeks, she has spaces for the one hour healings for $255 AU. The two hour plus healings (because you get support as soon as the exchange is made and if that’s two weeks, you’re getting healing the whole time) of $555 AU for the Double Divine Healings.

To book email theoraclespeaks@bigpond.com or fill out the following form.
More details on Divine 1:1 Healings are written below.
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Thank you for reaching out and feeling to make contact-a connection for a Divine 1:1 Healing and for where you are ‘at’ on your Souls Divine Journey and all you have been through, personally for yourself in what you are transmuting for and with humanity 


This is no ‘ordinary’ healing this is a DOUBLE DIVINE healing of both Spirit and Soul that is ‘life’ saving in one form or another, for every person that is guided or led to do this as guided by the Divine and you - always...


You will receive a DOUBLE 11:11 healing - in the human-your Soul AND also in your Spirit/Higher Self as well, at the same time. Not just one healing but two at once! And due to this being so large I only do one per day, as this does go for many hours afterwards as well as this commencing beforehand from when the exchange is made, up until the actual day of the 1:1


This is why many say and share that this is Beyond what they can put into words, as these Divine Healings are Beyond anything ever being offered in and with humanity before


As I bring in the Divine through all of this with a direct clear link in unconditional love, truth and honesty with Source = a Catalyst Healing of the Divine, like no other on the planet = TRIPLE DIVINE HEALING


Do not ‘miss’ this as this is too important for you to realise of just what you will be receiving in helping you to help yourself


The exchange for this is: AU$555-US$390 via PayPal or bank transfer for those in Australia - with the healing commencing upon the energy exchange of payment, until we ‘meet’


In being in 7D in the human and 12D in Spirit, I am a template literally - to help you help yourself transmute through myself, again in the human right there and then in front of you and with you, to help you to upgrade your vibration and to link your Spirit to your Soul and reconnect or connect clearer and further to your Higher Self 


As when one is ready and really ready, the way is provided for and all flows so easily and effortlessly 


As these amazing 1:1 Divine Healings have been a ‘catalyst’ for souls, who have ‘tried everything else’ or ‘done all they can’ or where I have been let know many times that ‘no-one else seems to be able to help or assist me further’.


They cover all layers and levels from Spirit to Soul, Mental, Emotional and the Physical!


They are unique and ‘one of a kind on the planet’ Divine Healings, that are on offer and available to you, who resonates to, for and with this.


The Divine Healing commences from when the ‘booking’ is made, up to the day of the 1:1 Divine Healing and continues for quite some time afterwards as well.


With 1hr (12D healing in Spirit on astrals/multi-dimensions) then 1hr via skype/fb messenger. Where I will contact you 1hr beforehand when the 12D healing commences and will share what I am ‘seeing’ and what is being ‘healed’ and so much more that ‘comes through’. 


Then we ‘meet’ for a 1hr ‘real’ one-on-one healing where all transpires from the Divine and your Higher Self as a clear conduit of the Divine...with 24years of guidance, tools and methods as an Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer for and with humanity - to help YOU to help yourself in what you resonate to of the Divine - as this healing continues for hours/days/weeks as well afterwards


The ‘unseen’ will be seen, felt into and ‘translated’ back to you in the Human of 7D - for you to connect with your Spirit/Higher Self - to understand the ‘whole picture’ for yourself again - of the Divine within YOU.


A mirror of the Divine...a future version of yourself through my human vessel linked directly to the Divine in Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty - transmuting through 7D embodiment.


As when a soul is ‘ready’ the way is provided and all flows ‘beautifully and effortlessly’.


Here is what others have to say:


“My idea of a master comes from gurus in the past, hierarchical structures of today and media cliches. They were nearly always better and holier than me, and somehow, if I followed their way, I’d reach enlightenment. 

Meeting Anastacia has blown my mind. I love that Anastacia has a true blue Australian accent. I love that she swears and has served in the military. Everything she shared was raw, having suffered the pain of three lifetimes in one incarnation.

Anastacia is the embodiment of a new paradigm of masters. The best thing she did for me was to allow me to be human; warts, god and all. 

Thank you for reminding me - we are going to have a lot of fun with this” 


‘Wow almost a week since our healing connection! I notice so much improvement!!

*  I have a More powerful connection with the Divine

*  My releasing density/anxiety goes more quickly, easily= less emotionally painful

*  My bouts of grief and pain are over!

*  I am sleeping more deeply 

*  I feel my body recovering from the total exhaustion I was feeling

* I find your exercises so helpful..and now have the physical energy to work on my recently discovered empath abilities. I am so grateful for your support’


‘Blue Angel She speaks with the divine alignment to source energy love and compassion for all life and shares all knowledge that is being given to uplift and guide us each in our own way! She is a most beautiful light in this multiverse. Thank you for feeling and dancing through this amazing journey with me. I am truly blessed I am’


'Being able to sit in front of Christ consciousness embodied and pure unconditional love is something that one does not come just across with anyone'


'There is no hierarchy in spirituality, however, being able to work with an ascended master embodied in human form is an otherworldly experience'


'Anastacia, everything you said was spot on and has helped me to move forward through major blocks. You were so generous with your time and energy. And after our session I had my first full nights sleep in I don't know how long’


'For anyone who is energetically stuck I cannot recommended Anastacia highly enough'


'Anastacia you have an incredible connection and I am so very grateful you were able to help me in such a big way. Thank you with all my heart’


'Thank you I will never be able to thank you enough really if I said it a million times it would still not be enough even those words in no way seem enough it is and will be accelerating for us all now and I must tell you please reach out to this wonderful and beautiful soul even if she has or hasn't been through what you are going through as I am sure she would say it is the same yet different for us all, she will be your pillar, she will hold your hand or just stand beside you when you need it the most because ascension can be really intense, if you need help she will heal and guide you but also if you need to figure it out for yourself she will let you know that too and cheer and prod you on the way through I found Anastacia when this all began for me and she has been there the whole way through truly you are a blessing in my life and I shower you with gratitude and blessings forever’


Much Divine love to you and please email me at: theoraclespeaks@bigpond.com or fill out the form above if this is for you and you feel you are ready for this amazing healing at this time 


Please know we will have much fun as well, as we lighten things up in our healing and ascension ;-) 


As always I am right here with you 


You are Masters - You are Ascending - And we are Gathering 


Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty


As always I am right here with you 


You are Masters - You are Ascending - And we are Gathering 


Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty


Anastacia Kompos

Multidimensional Emotional Healer of Divine Light 

New Light Trailblazer/Ascension Pioneer-WaySeer Blue Ray Elder Ancient Future Scribe

Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available


Anastacia Kompos is in service to Humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer. Her gift is having linked her Soul to her Spirit-Higher Self/Monad - in having two Souls - her Spiritual Soul/Higher Self in 12D and Human Soul in 7D Embodiment which is unique to her Souls Human awakening Journey of personal experience of 24yrs. Of having been in 5D for 13yrs herself with her mission/role - to assist-guide others to link their Soul to their Spirit/Higher Self through their EMOTIONS - to progressively merge their Spirit/Higher Self into the human into New Earth 5D energies as an Ascended Earth Master in the physical

© Anastacia Kompos 2020 ∞

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